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Replacing your roof slates with Light weight roofing slates

It is interesting to think that how we roof our houses has not changed in many centuries. Of course, there are a number of old properties that are thatched and some that have flat roofs, but overall it is safe to say the majority of buildings use traditional roof slates. Roof slates are quite fascinating items in fact, and the traditional use of slate as the rock of choice is one that stems from its hardiness and availability.


Slate is a natural material formed by the forces of the earth, and is the result of hundreds of millions of years of detritus beneath the surface being compacted into what we see today.

Used as a roofing material for hundreds of years, roof slates are often made from highly valued Welsh slate, still quarried to this day, and good quality roof slates provide much better protection from the elements than cheaply bought second rate items.

Buying roof slates, should you need to, is a simple process: you can either look up suppliers of roof slates in your local area or you can use the internet and run an web search for roof slates, and you will find many companies that can help with your search.

In fact, many of the roof slates offered by suppliers are reclaimed; when an older building is knocked down the roof slates are carefully retrieved before the walls are demolished, and are sold to companies that then sell on the best ones to people looking for good quality roof slates.