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Camping in a travel trailer is a bit like having a home on wheels. It provides the comforts and conveniences of a little house while still allowing the owners to experience the rustic sense of the great outdoors. People who have camped in numerous locations with a tent, pop-up camper or pickup truck camper have noticed that many of the remote, unimproved sites allow these larger RVs too.

Because of the Internet, things are easier now in regard to making plans and knowing what a campsite is like before going there for the first time. Twenty or more years ago, people wanting to travel to far-off locale and camp could find information on remote sites, but they wouldn't have access to the extensive reviews and photo galleries available online today.

Roughing rockwood mini lite is great for people who love camping in these types of sites, which is known as boondocking. With rockwood campers , they'll still have some water in a tank for the toilet and shower, although there aren't any electrical hookups. The idea of roughing it doesn't have to include electricity, though. Because of their previous camping experiences, they've already learned to make do with battery-powered lanterns and a campfire.

When it comes to water, the travelers can take quick showers or even a sponge bath. It's important to not overdo water usage if they plan to stay in one remote campsite for a few days. People commonly bring some jugs of water along from home to use as drinking water.

Fishing and Other Food Sources

If they plan to park a Rockwood camper travel trailer on a remote site with a river or lake right nearby, fishing may be able to bring them plenty of food to cook over the campfire. Of course, they'll still want to bring other food supplies, although without refrigeration, they can't keep things cold. Many remote sites are within a short driving distance of a town with a grocery store or convenience store.

Passenger Vehicle Use

That's one reason people prefer a travel trailer instead of a motorhome, as they can unhook the towing vehicle and drive that to town and elsewhere. Of rockwood roo , people have the option of towing a passenger vehicle with a motorhome, but they may not be comfortable doing this for long stretches of highway and back roads. This is one reason many consumers choose the trailer over the RV with the driving compartment built right in.