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It might have been a hardened criminal preying on tourists. Or, it may’ve been an adolescent who was profiting from a simple situation. While it obviously sucks, I would nonetheless think about Iceland an amazing and protected destination to journey.
If you don’t, then simply stroll away a short distance, observe, and take some time to get your bearings earlier than making a call. Many readers noted that males can do much to assist women — and others — who travel alone by simply not ignoring the dangerous conduct of others. If something appears amiss, check on another traveler, and if need be, intervene safely or alert the authorities. Sanmao died in 1991 in Taiwan, however it’s not onerous to imagine that whereas touring she had encountered some threat, as many women who journey today do. 9/11 didn’t cease me from returning to New York City.
I’ve realized through my travels that the place there may be desperation, people will do desperate issues. And there's lots of poverty in the nation.
However, it’s the only time I’ve ever been the “victim” of against the law in all of my travels. Iceland is ranked as “the safest country on the planet” by the Global Peace Index.
“Be ready to be bombarded as you step off the bus, practice, or out of the airport. These can be some of the most intense moments of solo travel. Travel Journal It’s good to already know what you want and the place you are going subsequent.
With political stability and a relatively low crime price, it’s an ideal vacation spot for all types of vacationers. I wanted to share a narrative about how I gained my private perspective on journey safety. “If there are other solo feminine travelers around, introduce your self to them, as you'll naturally look out for one another along the way and make a new good friend.