Making A Mini Quilt Fun

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Every little princess deserves a princess table. Make flowing skirt for a round night table. Snaps can be used to allow the fabric to close together and give it a fitted look. If the dress has a pretty bow, you can also use snaps to attach it to the table skirt. An ordinary round table can easily be transformed into a table fit for royalty.

Here are a few more table decorating ideas, use beautiful ribbons in different fall colors to tie printed or solid color napkins in autumn shades. A country patchwork quilt is the perfect table covering. Fruit is a nice theme for the thanksgiving table. It's a welcome change from a centerpiece of go with this theme use napkins in a beautiful fruit print. Cut a square of 18 inches and hem all around. Choose one of the colors in the print for your tablecloth.

Flower Quilt Though quilting was initially carried out to provide warmth and protection, today's quilts have become pieces of art as well as treasured heirlooms. Some have been passed down throughout family and other collected at auctions and flea markets. The have a timeless beauty of their own.

To get started I ordered a free quilting pattern to be sure that I could do it. Well, I did. And you will never guess what I did with the finished quilt block. I will let you know towards the end of the article.

The craft section at your local library will be crammed with information on starting out in leathercraft. There will be books on the history of leathercraft, the basic tools you will need to start out; the types of leather needed for different projects; and even some patterns covering all different skill levels.

You can also purchase towels and pot holders that come with country themes that you could give as a gift. There are cookie jars and assorted styles of pots that also have a country design to them to enhance the look of a country styled kitchen. If you have a wood table and chair set, you can purchase seat cushions designed from gingham or patchwork fabric to add to the country feel of the room. You can also find matching tablecloths and placemats to bring out that country charm. There are also items available to use in other rooms of the house for a country look.

With two patchwork quilting books new to the market, Gwen Marston's "Liberated Quiltmaking II" and Jinny Beyer's "The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns:4050 Pieced Blocks for Quilters" I thought it a good time to talk a little about how one analyzes patchwork quilting by in a sense picking them apart. These two books are both GREAT resource tools by any quilter and this article will start you off on getting the most out of them both.

Machine quilting on the other hand, involves a sewing machine to sew the pieces together. In very much the same way, layers of fabric are stacked together, laid-out, batted and backed on a flat surface. They are pinned and the pieces are then moved through a sewing machine. This can be done in block form as in hand quilting or as a large piece. Again, the details are determined on the style preferred and the quilter's experience. This is a much faster process than the hand quilting and often a good place for a beginner to learn with quick results.