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Fahrenheit,Homme Intense, & Eau Sauvage have all rightfully earned their spots in perfume history. Fahrenheit particularly greater than anyothers. Unique notes and an virtually cult like following.
Is already 2-three weeks old and there are large amount of comments around it so Dior success is half means there. No, Sauvage will not attain basic standing like others in the Dior line.
This perfume was hitten with bad reviews being synthetic, generic, widespread and so forth however what i realised is that many feminine associates like it. The goal is to deliver money and fight with bleu de chanel maybe. I bought a 50ml bottle as a result of i like sichuan pepper so will see if this is good or not from the feedback i'll get. Synthetic or not if one thing smells nice, all others doesnt matter. Personally i wasnt impressed however is not as bad as others say.
Sauvage is not distinctive or development setting. Fahrenheit for instance, can't be rocked by simply anyone. Sauvage however is a good informal scent anybody can pull off. You don't always need one thing unique as Fahrenheit to go away an impression.
This is a throwback to the 80's, when fragrances like Drakkar Noir had been at its peak of recognition. Try it for yourselves and try to take the reviews with a pinch of salt. Afterall, perceptions and impressions of fragrance are all subjective - whether or not from a perfume professional or a simpleton like me. Whatever your answer, let it be your genuine, unedited answer. For me and to me, I answer sure in each cases.
I may even note the easy but bold bottle. I prefer it lots and it seems good subsequent to my bottle of Fahrenheit. I think this fragrance is getting flak because merely put, this is not complicated or sudden as most fragrance lovers prefer.