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In 2005, Eli Roth filmed gruesome "Hostel", which aroused much controversy. The most important thing is that the movie was loud and brought the creators not a small income. Certainly one of the many factors that decided that nevertheless created a brutal second part. For her and did not have to wait too long, because just two years.
The story goes short, wide-spread scheme of his predecessor. The main protagonists of the film are three young American women - Whitney (Bijou Phillips), Lorna (Heather Matarazzo) and Beth (Lauren German), who riding a train to Prague know Axelle (Vera Jordanova).
Girl encourages them to get together with her chose to Slovakia. It is exactly the same hotel, which was fought in the first part of the action. Not too hard to figure out what events will take place in the later part of the film ... "Hostel 2" is certainly not surprising.
Exclusive feast
In sum, we see a repeat of entertainment, because there uświadczymy here simply nothing new. Once again, there is a group of young offenders. Their topic, just as the plot, do not bring absolutely nothing surprising. However, do not write off this film at the start. On the plus side primarily include accurate showing of the organization "Elite Hunters" because its predecessor on this subject there was little we know. The level of acting is on par with that of the first part, which is quite nice. Music, as well as installation and flawless. Sometimes crept dłużyzny, but they did not give me somehow especially in the characters. Some merit in perhaps curiously orchestrated action and good climate. Blood pours down even more, and the gore scenes are even convincing. Although I would like to caution some, that might not appeal to them creators of ideas about killing the victims. One of them can confidently include a scene in which one of the executioners loses ... penis. This is a slightly exaggerated and speaking in a truly bad taste. The same, unfortunately, the end was embarrassing and very predictable. At times literally do not know whether to cry or laugh can. I have already mentioned that the film is going to established the first part of the scheme, but to get to the point? Some themes can really disappoint. "Hostel 2" is not a film to a bad end. Despite the later stages of stupidity, their schematyczności, watching the whole movie quite strawnie. This is not, of course, the production of high-end, although part of the audience more sensitive to shock. Those who liked the first part, and can watch two. They do not have to do this, however, because literally nothing new waiting for them. Otherwise, I would not advise discussed reach for the title, because the rest of the audience waiting for a huge disappointment.