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But the Ride is actually the first and last film by director Bob Gale, the writer of all parts of the famous and amazing Back to the Future (directed by Robert Zemeckis). History shows in a rather delicate way the truth about the life of every human being - if we do not manage our own fate, nobody will do it for us. (possible spoilers) The main character, played by the handsome James Marsden, is a man in his twenties.

The boy gets a chance from fate to decide for himself about his life. Until now, his passions have been stifled by his father - a respected wealthy lawyer - who wants the same future for his child.

Paradoxically, he completely ignores his opinion. Neal's life changes on his birthday when he meets O.


Grant (Gary Oldman). As it turns out, the mysterious man can fulfill one wish expressed by every human being. After some time, the boy meets Ray, thanks to whom he goes on a journey to deliver a package of unknown content to a client. As the man explains to him: "he will have time to visit a few cities, meet people, look around, listen to travelers' stories - like on the road." Unfortunately, after signing the contract and sealing it with blood, it turns out that performing the task, contrary to appearances, will not be so easy, and `` the journey of a lifetime may end in death . Neal has to go west on Route 60. The only question is how do you find a road that doesn't exist? Despite the fact that the story presented in the film is quite ingenious and interesting, the director from time to time serves us an `` aperitif in the form of actors. In addition to James Marsden and Gary Oldman, the film enriches a number of appearing - sometimes only episodic, and sometimes even longer - known faces, which include, among others: Michael J.

Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Kurt Russell, Chris Cooper and Amy Smart. The first hitchhiker taken by Neal Oliver is O. W. Grant, from whom the main character receives an overdue birthday present, in the form of a ball giving answers to all questions. Over time, Neal meets a woman who seeks the ideal, a man who once loved to eat, and ends up in a town where drugs are allowed. Later in the journey, Oliver finds himself in a place drowning in papers, absurd bans, restrictions (no, he did not go to Poland), and then he becomes entangled in another series of bizarre situations.

In the end, it turns out that the killer is following the same path - along which the main character travels.

Despite the fact that it is actually quite a loose, not tiring film that is good to watch, it is not - for sure - a production without a deeper message. Unfortunately, the morals that the viewer can learn by submitting to the film's analysis of life, sometimes they are simply stupid, sometimes the action becomes kitschy, and sometimes you just start rolling your eyes, with a grimace on your face.

However, if some favorable viewer wants to take a journey on a non-existent road and look at the non-existent world with a grain of salt and understanding for a novice director - he can have a pretty good time. Despite the fact that the film is full of absurdities and fantasies, it actually touches upon quite important matters, sometimes so obvious that we do not pay attention to them. During Neal's journey, we not only get to know new, interesting heroes and their individual and unique view of the world, but also completely unknown, unreal places, although in fact their atmosphere surrounds us every day. The perversity of life, taking advantage of every chance we get from fate and being guided - this time - by heart and passion, not mind, are probably the main messages of the film.

In this production, many situations are shown in a crooked mirror, sometimes in an absurd, funny way, which makes it one big metaphor. Its interpretation can help you look at everyday life with a smile or even motivate you to take - and finally - take care of yourself ..